What is Soil Erosion?

Soil erosion is the process by which wind, water, ice, and gravity wear away the land's surface. Sediment pollution is solid out of place. There are two categories of erosion - natural erosion and accelerated erosion. Natural Erosion and soil formation are essential landscape processes and are in balance when the soil surface thickness remains fairly constant over time. Vegetative cover is the biggest factor in this balance; anything that disturbs it tends to accelerate erosion.

Accelerated erosion is most often caused by a disturbance or alteration of the landscape, such as floods, earthquakes, or construction activities.

Vegetation intercepts rain, reducing its energy and preventing splash erosion. It also slows runoff, reduces sheet erosion, anchors and reinforces the soil with its root system.

Water moving across a bare soil surface erodes soil and transports particles already detached. Vegetation limits the capacity of flowing water to detach soil particles and transport sediment by decreasing runoff volume, slowing velocity, and protecting the soil surface from flowing water.

What can be done to prevent Soil Erosion?

YARDQUICK Hydroseeding offers many cost-effective and simple solutions to control erosion. Hydroseeding is a process by which seed, mulch, water, and tackifiers are mixed into a "slurry" and sprayed onto the soil. The mulch and tackifiers help the mix adhere to the soil surface allowing the seed time to take root and preventing the mix and soil from washing away.

Wildflowers are the "Vegetation" answer to many areas that cannot be maintained with a mower. They hold soil in highly erosion-susceptible areas. As a bonus, wildflowers lower fire hazards and produce food for birds. The grasses in the Native Splendor seed mix are enhanced with AZOPRILLUM, a 100% natural bacteria to encourage nitrogen fixation, enhance seeding vigor, and improve stand establishment. The Native grasses in this mix provide a low, soft, fine texture in shades from olive to blue-green for a perfect background to the colorful wildflowers in each mix.

YARDQUICK's Lawn Mix is a specially formulated grass seed blend produced especially for our region's climate and soil type. This blend is recommended for areas you plan to water, mow, and maintain, and with the right care and maintenance will provide a lush lawn within months.

**Hydroseeding Estimates are given verbally over the phone or by email based on customer provided square footage. If you require an in-person hydroseeding estimate there will be a fee.

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